No stress for Notorious in Brigade of Guards Cup

Tuesday January 14 2020

Notorious (Michael Kiilu), was the very incarnation of a model marathon man, leading from top to toe in the Brigade of Guards Trophy. Caen, Zodi West, and, Supreme Rock, pursued like sheep all throughout the 2,800m odyssey at Ngong on Sunday.

Regretfully, Public Hero and Zodi West were unable to take part due to veterinary issues. Gold Pot (Lesley Sercombe), also had a free run as a Duke of Manchester bounty. Pharoah's Advocate and Navy Seal surrendered their guard for places.

Trainer, Stewart McCann, was in his element with a delicious vanguard to kick start Twende Twende off appropriately, respected by Grey's Moet and Grace Kelly.

Oliver Gray's, Algy, eroded the resistance by 7.5 lengths assuring a buoyant assembly that there was no gambling pressure for them in the Kariandusi Handicap.

King of Oxted was bewilderingly scrupulous with his conformity when slashing ideals of Forewarned and a bland Piece of Cake, tipping the Hyrax Hill point. He instituted a treble for Onesmus Mutua and Justin Mburu.



12.50 pm - First Race - Gede Ruins Maiden (1,600m)

1. Grey's Moet (Richard Kibet)

2. Respectable Jud (James Muhindi)

3. Watchword Patrick Mungai)

Distance: 2.5/2.5/3.75. Time: 1:42:9/10 secs. Favourite: Respectable Jud 7-4. Runners: 4

Owned by Runye Karlsen, Elsa/Romolo Severini, Anna Bhaloo, and, D. Schneider. Trainer Stewart McCann

1.25 pm - Second Race - Hyrax Hill Handicap (1,800m)

1. King of Oxted (Paul Kiarie)

2. Forewarned (Patrick Mungai)

3. Piece of Cake (Lesley Sercombe)

Distance: 5.5/8./3.75/7. Time: 1:51:6/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 6-4 . Runners: 5

Owned by Justin Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

2.00 pm - Third Race - Koobi Fora Handicap (2,060m)

1. Grace Kelly (James Muhindi)

2. Busselton (Patrick Mungai)

3. Miss Zuri (Henry Muya)

Distance: 2.75/half/0.75/1.4. Time: 2:12:3/10 secs. Favourite: Rising Dragon 9-4. Runners: 6

Owned by E. Wambiru, T. Midasa, Tony Abercrombie-Dick, and, Anna Bhaloo. Trainer Stewart McCann

2.35 pm - Fourth Race - Kariandusi Handicap (1,200m)

1. Algy (James Muhindi)

2. Peligroso (Peter Kinuthia)

3. Tenacious (Richard Kibet)

Distance: 7.5/1.75/9.5/4.75. Time: 1:13:7/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific. Runners: 8

Owned by Lord Stuart Rose. Trainer Oliver Gray

3.10 pm - Fifth Race - Olorgasalie Handicap (1,400m)

1. Romeo Foxtrot (Paul Kiarie)

2. My Sam (Richard Kibet)

3. Marais (Patrick Mungai)

Distance: 6.5/1.4/3/neck. Time: 1:26:3/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific. Runners: 8

Owned by Mim Haynes. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

3.45 pm - Sixth Race - The Brigade of Guards Trophy (2,800m)

1. Notorious (Michael Kiilu) Black Minnaloushie-Festive Occasion

2. Caen (Michael Micino)

3. Zodi West (Henry Muya substituting for Paul Kiarie)

4. Supreme Rock (Robert Mbatha)

Distance: 8/9/0.75. Time: 3:13:2/10 secs. Favourite: Notorious 4-9. Runners: 4

Owned by Justin Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

4.20 pm - Seventh Race - The Duke of Manchester Cup (1,200m)

1. Gold Pot (Lesley Sercombe) Judpot- Gold Review

2. Pharoah's Advocate (Peter Kinuthia)

3. Navy Seal (Richard Kibet)

4. Fast Five (Patrick Mungai)

Distance: 3.5/6/2.5/1.75. Time: 1:10:6/10 secs. Favorite: Goold Pot 4-9. Runners: 5

Owned by Justice I. Lenaola, Doctor John . Sercombe, David and Maggy Gray, A. Helfritz. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

Next Meeting January 26 - for the Kenya Guineas first Classic, and, Drap D'or Trophy