Harbour Bay wins Conference Cup by a nose in Ngong

Sunday December 01 2019

Lesley Sercombe leads White Dragon to victory during the Britam Kenya Guineas race meeting at Ngong Race course on January 21, 2018. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The Conference Cup at Ngong racecourse on Sunday, was undeniably a solitarily meticulous finish, rarely seen in subsequent events.

All four contenders were collectively bunched until Harbour Bay (Henry Muya), and, White Dragon (Lesley Sercombe), took the initiative to press on gallantly, separated by a mere nostril.

Owned and trained by Joe Muya up at Lake Nakuru, Harbour Bay has always been in the 'munty' with seven wins/eight places, to his name.

Comic Star and Chicago both stamped their ground, effortlessly, for Lesley Sercombe. An aggregate of 15 lengths is nothing short of profound for young colts to excel at that rate.

Chicago braced himself in the Chemurkeu Hot Springs Handicap, while Comic Star powered away at full stretch to reach Ol Kokwe Island, before anyone else realised what had happened. Have to declare that the Kenyatta Cup did not match its billing.

Gold Pot (Charles Kimani) walked over Pharoah's Advocate, who smashed Caen. Zodi West never managed to become involved. Doctor Joe Wanjui presented the annual award to Justice Leanola, David/Maggie Gray, A. Helfritz, and, Doctor John Sercombe.



12.40 pm - First Race - The Conference Cup  (2,400m)

1. Harbour Bay (Henry Muya) Curved Ball-Harbour Light

2. White Dragon (Lesley Sercombe)

3. Clothes Horse (Richard Kibet)

4. Fast Five (Patrick Mungai)

Distance: nose/1.5/1. Time: 2:51:9/10 secs. Favourite: Clothes Horse.  Runners: 4

Owned and trained by Joe Muya

1.15 pm - Second Race - Lake Baringo Handicap (1,600m) 

1. Romeo Foxtrot (Paul Kiarie)

2. My Sam (Richard Kibet)

3. Jordan River (Henry Muya)

Distance: 5/8/5/8.5. Time: 1:43:7/10 secs. Favourite:  Jordan River. Runners: 5

Owned by Justin Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

1.50 pm - Third Race - Chemurkeu Hot Springs Handicap (1,400m) 

1. Chicago (Lesley Sercombe)

2. Crixus (Michael Kiilu)

3. Kidnap (Paul Kiarie)

Unforgettable withdrawn at the start

Distance: 6.5/1/8. Time: 1:29:6/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 5-4. Runners: 4

Owned by Sarah Spencer. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

2.25 pm - Fourth Race - Ol Kokwe Island Handicap (2,060m) 

1. Comic Star (Lesley Sercombe)

2. Captanne (James Muhindi)

3. Miss Zuri (Patrick Mungai)

Chyulu Hills withdrawn under Veterinary Certificate

Distance:8.5/3.5/2.4/8. Time: 2:19:7/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 6-4. Runners: 6

Owned by D. Pleitz, D. Schneider, David Ansell, and,  A. Helfritz. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

3.05 pm - Fifth Race - Loburu Geyser Handicap (1,600m) 

1. Lettfot (James Muhindi)

2. Quickfire (Richard Kibet)

3. Macushla (Paul Kiarie)

Distance: 0/75/2.4/8/8. Time: 1:44:2/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific. Runners: 6

Owned by Mary Binks and Runye Karlsen. Trainer Stewart McCann

3.40 pm - Sixth Race - Kampi Ya Samaki Maiden (1,000m) 

1. Angel's Voice (Paul Kiarie)

2. Buxton (Henry Muya)

3. Gwen (Richard Kibet)

Emmy Award withdrawn at the start

Distance:0.75/2.5/0.75/3. Time: 1:04:8/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific. Runners: 6

Owned by C. Brown, A. Andrade, and, C. Kerr. Trainer Stewart McCann

4.20 pm - Seventh Race - The Kenyatta Cup (1,200m) 

1. Gold Pot (Charles Kimani) Judpot-Gold Review

2. Pharoah's Advocate (Dennis Gichangi)

3. Caen (Steve Mwangi)

4. Zodi West (Michael Micino)

Distance:  4.75/8/6.5/8. Time: 1:13:6/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 4-9.  Runners: 5

Owned by Justice Leneola, Doctor John Sercombe, David and Maggie Gray, A. Helfritz .  Trainer Patsy Sercombe

4.55 pm - Eighth Race - Perkerra River Handicap (1,800m) 

1. King of Oxted (Patrick Mungai)

2. Flamboyant (Michael Kiilu)

3. Karowe (Richard Kibet)

Distance:  3/3/2.5/8. Time: 1:59:2/10 secs. Favourite:  Nothing specific. Runners: 5

Owned by Justin Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

Next Meeting November 3 - for the Jeoffrey Griffin Trophy, and, Stewards Handicap Trophy