Pharoah's Advocate wins Uhuru Cup in Ngong

Patrick Mungai guides Public Hero to victory in the Nakuru Race Club Cup at Ngong in 2016. Pharoah's Advocate beat Public Hero during Uhuru Cup in Ngong on December 15, 2019. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Owned by the Galloping Geriatrics, Pharoah's Advocate, ridden with fastidious deployment from Lesley Sercombe, managed to put his head first over the Uhuru Cup parapet at Ngong on Sunday.

Public Hero applied all possible reserves but was unable to compete with the younger Pharoah. Navy Seal cowered behind Christmas tinsel, somewhere hither and thither.

Chicago gifted Lesley a smoother passage during the Lord McMillan Trophy, denouncing Romeo Foxtrot with an eight-length proclamation for Sarah Spencer. Contributing a delectable demonstration of distinction, Inca Ruler really did rule the venerable HV Pirie Guineas Trial pretty much from beginning onwards.

Lady Eccles did not sparkle as we thought, slightly shy of Comic Star in second place.

King of Oxted, Quasar, and Dusha, strode in to quell Patsy Sercombe's, transcendence of an already four-timer. Punters shrug in disbelief at Patsy's reliability.


12.45 pm - First Race - Eight Maids A-Milking Handicap (2,060m)

1. King of Oxted (Paul Kiarie)

2. Anjoli (James Muhindi)

3. Ione (Jacob Lokorian)

Distance: 1.5/3/2.5/8. Time: 2:11:6/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 7-4. Runners: 6

Owned by Justin Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

1.15 pm - Second Race - The Uhuru Cup (1,600m)

1. Pharoah's Advocate (Lesley Sercombe) The Sheik-J'Adore

2. Public Hero (Paul Karie)

3. Navy Seal (Richard Kibet)

Gold Pot and Harbour Bay withdrawn under Veterinary Certificate

Distance: 1.5/8. Time: 1:39:3/10 secs. Favourite: Public Hero 6-4 . Runners: 3
Owned by The Galloping Geriatrics. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

1.50 pm - Third Race - Nine Ladies Dancing Maiden (1,800m)

1. Quasar (Richard Kibet)

2. Buxton (Samuel Mwangi)

3. Watchword (James Muhindi)

Heavenly Gift withdrawn under Veterinary Certificate

Distance: 8/8.5/2.4/7.5. Time: 1:55:2/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific. Runners: 6
Owned by J. Mody. Trainer Bindya Devani

2.25 pm - Fourth Race - The Lord McMillan Trophy (1,600m)

1. Chicago (Lesley Sercombe) Capetown Noir-Grail Maiden

2. Romeo Foxtrot (Paul Kiarie)

3. Forewarned (Patrick Mungai)

4. Caen (Robert Mbatha)

Distance: 8/1.75/8/3. Time: 1:41:8/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 5-4. Runners: 7

Owned by Sarah Spencer. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

3.00 pm - Fifth Race - Ten Lords -Leaping Handicap (1,400m)

1. My Sam (Richard Kibet)

2. Flamboyant (Michael Kiilu)

3. Respectable (James Muhindi)

Distance: 1.75/1.4/5.4/6. Time: 1:29:3/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific. Runners: 8
Owned by Mim Haynes. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

3.35 pm - Sixth Race - Eleven Pipers Piping Handicap (1,000m)

1. Dusha (Peter Kinuthia)

2. The Bar (James Muhindi)

3. Moonlight Shadow (Lesley Sercombe)

Distance: 0.75/1.4/3/0.75. Time: 1:01:3/10 secs. Favourite: The Bar 7-4. Runners: 6
Owned by I. Rowe, W. Kilburn, I. Middleton, and, S. Grantham. Trainer Oliver Gray

4.10 pm - Seventh Race -H. V. Pirie Guineas Trial Trophy (1,400m)

1. Inca Ruler (Patrick Mungai) Dynastic Rule-Inca Trai

2. Comic Star (Richard Kibet)

3. Lady Eccles (Lesley Sercombe)

Distance: 1/2.5/2.4/8. Time: 1:30:1/10 secs. Favourite: Lady Eccles 7-4. Runners: 5

Owned by Doctor Patsy Secombe, Anna Bhaloo, Carol Bremner, and, Linda Garner. Trainer Patsy Sercombe.

Next Meeting January 12 - for the Brigade of Guards Trophy, and, Duke of Manchester Cup.