Public Hero laps up wet conditions to lift Gold Circle Trophy

Monday December 02 2019

Patrick Mungai guides Public Hero to victory in a past race in Ngong. Public Hero emerged the winner of Gold Circle Trophy in Ngong on December 1, 2019. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP


Seven-year-old, Public Hero (Robert Mbatha), braced himself for splish-sploshing through a lovely hydra-surface, filtering out younger contestants in the Gold Circle Trophy at Ngong on Sunday. Pubic Hero, 7, symbolised that age is meaningless when redressing a bewildered Fast Five by 8 lengths.

Crowds were not afraid of El Nino's wrath. They just flocked together at this Christmassy social gathering for absorption of fresh-air and totalisator punting. People have succumbed to the demise of bookmakers, transforming energies into fancy mixed bets.

Distilling promise for a new generation, Marais (James Muhindi), with self-belief brimming, took over by country miles in the Five Golden Rigs Handicap, from a weary Kidnap. 

Plucky Quickfire and Romeo Foxtrot, ensured The Montgomery Bowl would be much more intensive as they whooshed away from Macushla.

Lady Eccles was unable to participate under Veterinary withdrawal. Onesmus Mutua was always going to snare the Seven Swans Handicap as he entered all six runners.

James Muhindi struck a treble, while Robert Mbatha had fun with two. Fruity Cake was mostly evenly distributed, and the Patsy Sercombe/Mim Haynes combo did not disappoint, also on a double.



12.35 pm - First Race - A Partridge In a Pear Tree Maiden (1,000m)

1. Firing Line (Richard Kibet)

2. Kings Landing (Michael Kiilu)

3. Hunters Vlei (Daniel Tanui)

Distance: 1.75/4/1.75/7. Time: 1:04:7/10 secs. Favourite: Gwen 9-4.  Runners: 6

Owned by Mim Haynes. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

1.15 pm - Second Race -  The Gold Circle Goss Trophy (2,060m)

1. Public Hero (Robert Mbatha) Jay Peg-Windward

2. Fast Five (Lesley Sercombe)

3. King of Oxted (Henry Muya)

4. Zodi West (Michael Kiilu)

Distance: 8/2.4/8/1.5. Time: 2:27:1/10 secs. Favourite: Fast Five 7-4. Runners: 5

Owned by Justin Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

1.50 pm - Third Race - Three French Hens Handicap (1,200m) 

1. The Bar (James Muhindi)

2. Dusha (Patrick Mungai)

3. Abby Rose (Peter Kinuthia)

Distance: 8/5.5/2.4/3. Time: 1:14:8/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 7-4. Runners: 6

Owned by T. Mulwa and P. Nduati. Trainer Oliver Gray

2.25 pm - Fourth Race - Four Calling Birds Handicap (1,800m) 

1. Duke Hour (James Muhindi)

2. Comic Star (Lesley Sercombe)

3. Winter Comet (Jacob Lokorian)

Distance: 4.5/1/short-head/6.5. Time: 1:57:9/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 9-4. Runners: 7

Owned by M. Farah. Trainers Joe Karari and Captain Oruya

3.00 pm - Fifth Race - Five Golden Rings Handicap (1,600m) 

1. Marais (James Muhindi)

2. Kidnap (Jacob Lokorian)

3. Flamboyant (Henry Muya)

Distance: 9.5/8/1/5. Time: 1:43:5/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific. Runners: 7

Owned by Mary Binks. Trainer Stewart McCann

3.35 pm - Sixth Race - The Montgomery Bowl (1,400m) 

1. Quickfire (Patrick Mungai) Greatwallofchina-On Fire

2. Romeo Foxtrot (Daniel Tanui)

3. Macushla (Paul Kiarie)

4. Crixus (Michael Kiilu)

Lady Eccles withdrawn under Veterinary Certificate

Distance: 1/0.75/2.5/half. Time: 1:29:7/10 secs. Favourite: Winner 9-4. Runners: 5

Owned by Mim Haynes. Trainer Patsy Sercombe

4.10 pm - Seventh Race - Seven Swans A Swimming Handicap (2,400m) 

1. Notorious (Robert Mbatha)

2. Supreme Rock (Jacob Lokorian)

3. Emmy Award (Paul Kiarie)

Distance:  0.75/7.5/2.4/8. Time: 2:48:3/10 secs. Favourite: Nothing specific.  Runners: 6

Owned by Justin Mburu. Trainer Onesmus Mutua

Next Meeting December 15 - for the H. V. Pirie Guineas Trial, Uhuru Cup, and, Lord McMillan Trophy