A case for Rosemary as Gor boss

Monday March 7 2016

Ms Rosemary Odinga addresses a group of youths near Olympic Primary School on June 23, 2015.  PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Ms Rosemary Odinga. Her family says the NGO in question was never registered and could not open bank accounts. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

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One of the legends of Luo Music Okatch Biggy wrote and sang a song about a lady called Rosemary. And as my good friend Peter Leftie would tell you, it was one of the finest songs the maestro ever sang.

Okatch sang about the lady called Rosemary who was good in music, sports and mathematics. And at the end of it all everybody was singing of her praises. Somehow the name Rosemary is associated with success.

And today I want to posit that when elections of Gor Mahia are held finally let us have a lady by the name of Rosemary Odinga as the chair.

And these are my reasons. Number one, she is passionate about the club. Despite the fact that she comes from a privileged background I know she has the heart and passion for the club. This is the kind of woman who will sit on the terraces with the scum of the team and sing and dance with them.

Number two, from what I have read in the newspapers, she is an astute businesswoman. When I started my search on the internet this is what I found out. The good lady is a snail farmer. Now as Gor Mahia we believe in innovation and making history. Just try and imagine Leftie what it would mean to have a snail farmer as the chair of Gor Mahia? Be very very afraid.


Read this all you faithful of K’Ogalo: “I started this project as a hobby in 2007. Before I started, I had gone to Nigeria where I had the privilege of visiting former Nigerian president Olesegun Obasanjo. He is one of the biggest snail farmers there. He is the one who challenged me to think about farming. He was so convincing with the snail farming, I promised to do something when I came back home,” says Rosemary, eldest daughter of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

When she came back home, she did intense research on the same. “I visited the University of Nairobi and met one Musombi (now deceased) a snail expert who was passionate about snail farming. I learnt everything from the types of snails, to their behaviours, ideal environment, feeding, breeding, market potential plus more. He saw my passion and volunteered to act as my mentor.” To start off, Musombi donated to Rosemary13 snails, the giant African land snail.

Three and which is most important. I have always stated here that at Gor Mahia we need a woman chair. We need someone who can have the heart of a mother to carry us forward.