Athletes banned from group training as Italy extends lockdown

Wednesday May 13 2020


Italian footballers and athletes will not be allowed to train together as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced Wednesday the extension of the country's lockdown until April 13.

All sport in Italy had been suspended from early March until April 3 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic which has killed 13,115 people in the country.

Conte said in a televised address to the nation on Wednesday that the lockdown would be extended and would now also include training sessions.

"Events and sporting competitions of all kinds and disciplines are suspended, in public or private places," Conte said.

"Training sessions for professional and non-professional athletes are also suspended within all types of sports facilities."

Athletes can continue to train individually.

"We are starting to see positive results. If we start loosening our measures now, all our efforts will have been in vain," the Prime Minister added.