Korikwiang bounce back from injury paused

Wednesday May 13 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to it’s knees disrupting economies, peoples’ way of living and sports.

Governments have been forced to take drastic actions in an effort to reduce the rate of infections including lockdowns, quarantines and ban on social gatherings.

Sports, which many depend on, has been hit badly with virtually all the known sporting calendars suspended.

This has forced athletes to train in isolation with many saying that they are just keeping fit because the do not see the athletics calendar resuming anytime soon.

In fact, most elite athletics are now shifting focus to preparing training programmes for the next season that traditionally starts in September hoping by then the virus menace will have been curbed.

Former World Junior Cross Country Championships winner Pauline Korikwiang shared with Nation Sport her frustration at the disruption of her programme this season that was to see he come back from injury.

She had been training intensely in Kapsabet, Nandi County before her plans were cut short by the virus.

Korikwiang, under 2Running Club, had a training programme geared towards competing in Berlin Half Marathon this Sunday.

But the race was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

She was coming back from nagging injuries that forced her out of action last season and wanted to announce her return in style in Berlin.

“Having switched to road races from track events I have been looking forward to a good performance but last season I didn’t participate in any race due to injuries,” said Korikwiang.

She said she had recovered from hip and knee injuries and was optimistic that she was going to get back to her top level this season before the virus outbreak.

“It has been challenging for me especially seeing my training mates going out to participate in various events across the world while I was just at home nursing injuries. I’m now good to go and I was prepared for the race on Sunday. I am really disappointed,” she said.

She is now training alone at home in Elgon View, Eldoret.

“I had prepared well for the Berlin Half Marathon race and I was in good form but since we closed the camp I’m just training at home as one way of keeping safe and following governments directive of staying at home,” added Korikwiang.

She urged Kenyans to follow the directives from the Ministry of Health and stay at home in order to contain the virus.