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What the cameras recorded

Thursday May 19 2011

By Nation Correspondent

Recordings show Wanjiru’s car pulling up at the gate at 10.31pm, the gate being opened and the athlete driving in.

The watchman closes the gate and runs to open the main door of the house for his boss.

Fifteen minutes later, the images show a woman entering the compound through the pedestrian gate, followed by a Toyota Landcruiser.

Some of the pictures are poor because of a bright light shining into the compound.

The cameras at the rear of the home show no activity except the switching off of security lights.

The footage shows Njeri emerging from the house at 11.12pm heading to the gate which the guard opens and she leaves.

The watchman is seen locking the pedestrian gate, a task he suddenly abandons and runs to the house, and then back to the gate.

Holding a torch, he turns back again and runs towards the house and then back to the pedestrian gate, gets out then returns to the guard house.

At 11.15pm, the watchman emerges, throws his hands in the air and heads to the house where he stops to converse with someone at the balcony.

He turns back to the main gate on hearing a bang.

Young men enter through the pedestrian gate and run in, presumably to the spot where Wanjiru lay.

Wanjiru’s lifeless body is quickly carried to a waiting motor vehicle that zooms off at high speed.