Africa Cup of Nations Notebook - Day 10

Saturday June 29 2019

Morocco fans cheer ahead of their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations Group D match against Ivory Coast at the Al Salam Stadium in the Egyptian capital Cairo on June 28, 2019. PHOTO | KHALED DESOUKI |


Kenya represented in tournament organisation


There are two Kenyans working for the Confederation of Africa Football (Caf) 2019 Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) organising team. One is called Timothy Olobulu, a well-known sports journalist based in Nairobi, who is a Caf protocol officer as well as one of the six members of the editorial team stationed in Alexandria.

Collins Okinyo is also stationed in Alexandria, working as a Caf Media Officer in charge of all media operations at the venue. Another East African working for the organizing team is Ugandan Andrew Oryada, also working as a CAF Media Officer stationed at the June 30 Stadium in Cairo.

All teams at the 2013 Afcon have media officers responsible for organizing and ensuring smooth running of all media responsibilities by their players and coaches. Kenya’s media officer is Ken Okaka.

Some Egyptians don’t know which teams are in the tourney



The 2019 Africa Cup of Nations has been well advertised in Egypt. From billboards to promotions on radio and television together with media coverage, you would expect residents here to know much about the tournament. And they do, but not everything. On several occasions after pleasant greetings, when the question of “where are you from?”, is replied with “I am from Kenya”, a second question comes, “is your country playing in the tournament?” Makes you wonder, is this genuine ignorance or someone just wanting to extend a conversation. How can you fail to know which teams have come to your country for the Afcon?

Dawn breaks here very, very early

If you are a visitor from the Equator zone and are visiting Egypt for the first time it may take you a while to adjust to the day-night cycle here. Egypt is in summer and their day time is much longer than night time. The sun rising just minutes before 5am and sets after 7pm meaning day time lasts 14 hours and night 10 hours, compared to the roughly 12 hours either side of the day experienced in the Equator, year in year out. If you are used to waking up after 6am in, say, Nairobi, you may hit the panic button here thinking you have overslept.

Medical cover for Afcon visitors in Egypt

The medical committee linked to the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations' organising committee is providing emergency medical services at all levels to the fans and African guests attending the tournament. Mohamed Soltan, head of the medical committee, says they were coordinating with the Ministry of Health to provide full medical insurance to all African delegations here for the tournament until it concludes on July 20. Players on the pitch, Caf officials, fans in the stadium, and African residents in hotels are all covered, according to the medical committee head. And there is hotline to provide health advice. Service is provided in Arabic, English and French.