SDT puts Sports Registrar on the spot over delayed FKF polls

Wednesday March 18 2020

The court room where the Sports Dispute Tribunal is sitting to determine a case between Football Kenya Federation and Sports Registrar on February 25, 2020. PHOTO | DAVID KWALIMWA |


Sports Registrar Rose Wasike was on Tuesday evening put to task over delays in aiding sports organisations and particularly Football Kenya Federation (FKF) conform to the Sports Act.

During the hearing of a Sports Disputes Tribunal (SDT) case in which FKF has sued the Registrar over modalities of organising the forthcoming elections, Wasike's lawyer Martin Munene was asked by SDT chairman John Ohaga why the crisis took more than a year to solve.

Munene had told the Tribunal that FKF was operating on a provisional licence but had since failed to meet conditions set out last year to enable it get a full licence.

"This crisis started in May 2018. Your office had more than a year to task FKF to meet these requirements. Sports organisations had to register county officials and hold elections to be fully compliant in 2018. What have you been doing since?" asked Ohaga.

The conditions include registering counties and holding elections.

Munene also explained that FKF derives authority to register counties from the Registrar's office but, despite two reminders, did not act.

Earlier, lawyer Charles Ouma, representing football clubs Bondeni United and Chepterit in this petition, claimed that more than 300 clubs had been locked out of the elections on the premise that they are not FKF members.

"That is discrimination," Ouma argued.

He also claimed the election requirement set by FKF detailing election aspirants to be active members in three of the last four years favoured only the incumbent.

Ouma also claimed FKF did not conduct public participation of the Electoral Code as instructed by the Tribunal when it nullified its elections last December.

"Only the so-called members were involved in the exercise. That was member participation. Not public participation. I didn't see anything in the newspapers. It was something choreographed to please the Tribunal."

And FKF lawyer Victor Ombwebu told the Tribunal Fifa had given Kenya until the end of March to hold elections or else face unspecified sanctions.

"Our opponents are taking advantage of that to delay the process so we can be sanctioned. Many people and especially the footballers depend on football for a living but our opponents, who are the petitioners, lose nothing if we are banned," Ombwebu said.

Ohaga said he will give the ruling on the case on March 17 from 4pm.