Snow urges PGK to compensate local pros for lost income

Thursday June 04 2020

One of Kenya’s leading professional golfers Greg Snow has appealed to the Professional Golfers of Kenya (PGK) to find ways and means of assisting its members who are going through tough times as a result of the suspension of golf activities because of the Covid-19.

Snow, is one of the eight pros who had qualified for the 2020 Magical Kenya Open that was scheduled for March 12 to 15 but postponed due to the virus outbreak.

He said he had, as a member of the Sunshine Tour, been compensated for the months of April and May thus had something small to keep him going in the absence of any tournament.

“I am fortunate in some way as a member of the Sunshine Tour I get some compensation and I would like to thank the tour for that,” he said.

“In general, I think our association should look into this and see how they can come up with a solution for our fellow professionals in terms of compensation or something down those lines. The Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected majority of the Kenyan professionals,’’ said Snow.


A big number of the local professionals earn their living through coaching local club members who cannot now access their clubs that have been closed due to the Covid-19.

Some of the local pros have been surviving by playing in the Safari Tour whose 2019-2020 season had a total of 11 events, four of which were staged in Uganda.

The 2020-2021 Safari Tour edition, which had been programmed to start early this month, has now been put on hold until the Coronavirus situation gets better.

This year’s Safari Tour edition, according to Kenya Open Golf Limited CEO Vincent Wang’ombe, was expected to feature 15 events including four in Uganda and probably one in Tanzania.

Meanwhile, Snow said he did not think the long break caused by the Coronavirus pandemic would affect his game in general.

In fact, he said it had provided a break which he needed after a long and busy season of golf for him.

“I do feel it will take a long time getting back into playing and competitive mode but that’s about it.

“I have been doing some light training at the garden at home to stay in shape’’ said Snow.

He said he would like to go back to South Africa to play in some events when normalcy resumes.