Stage set for 'Hill Climb' contest in Naivasha

Tuesday September 17 2019

Female driver Sayanna Jessop blows dust in her buggy during past event. PHOTO | ANWAR SIDI |


Hill Climb competition director, Daven Jadeja, has sought to assure participants of their safety in this year’s edition of the motorsports competition, saying they should expect a better organised event on Saturday.

“Preparations for the competition are at an advanced stage. Few changes have been made to the spectator area to enable installation of greater viewing facilities. Organisers have created a dedicated spectator area,” Jadeja when told Nation Sport. Jadeja added: “We are looking forward to this year’s Powerlast Hill climb which promises to be a bigger event for the whole family. Powerlast Hill Climb has everything it takes to create a glamorous national sports event grounded on speed, skills, stuntman-ship, and a lot of adventure.”

Yuvraj Rajput will compete in Bambino Class after winning his second consecutive Kenya National Auto Bambino championship last weekend.

Wayne Fernandes will also be part of the 24 entrants in the weekend’s competition. Fernandes sealed his 2019 championship title in the Quad class. This year’s championship will be supported by two ambulances, two paramedics, among them Doctor Raj Jutley in a fast response Medical Intervention Vehicle.
Malewa Bay, situated on Moi North Lake road in outskirts of Naivasha, will host the competition.

The three-kilometre stretch has been graded to make sure competitors are able to achieve the highest speeds to try and set the quickest time on the uphill stretch. Each of the competitors is given the chance to go uphill as far as possible and at the fastest possible speed in their respective machines.

The stretch starts from the bottom of the hill at an altitude of 1,900 metres to the top which is lying at 2,200 meters.


Entries so far:
1.Onkar Rai-VW, 2. Ian Duncan, 3. Frank Tundo, 4. Shivam Vinayak, 5. Kunal Patel, 6. Nazir Verjee, 7. Zameer Verjee, 8. Sameer Nanji, 9. Rajveer Thetty, 10. Mark Glen, 11. Wayne Fernades,12. Bob Sehmi, 13. Charan Singh, 14. Jutley Junior, 15. Gurashish Singh, 16. Abid Ganatra, 17.Sayanna Jessop, 18.Tim Jessop, 19. Yuvraj Rajput, 20. Kirit Rajput, 21. Peter Young, 22. Chantel Young, 23. Zane young, 24. Chanti.