KSSSA: Let sports be played when schools re-open

Wednesday May 13 2020

The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) wants all co-curriculum activities in the schools calendar to continue alongside the academic programme when schools resume.

All schools in the country were closed in March as the government introduced social restriction measures to fight the spread of coronavirus.

KSSSA chairman Peter Orero Thursday said this will be in line with wholistic nature of the Kenya curriculum implementation in the Kenyan education system.

According to Orero, co-curriculum activities have a definite pathway because it involves talent development and enhancement.

“KSSSA recognises the massive efforts put by the government to deal with this pandemic which has greatly interfered with the running of our institutions of learning and put the over 10 million plus students in primary and over three million in high school with an unfortunate scenario of trying to cover the main stream syllabus when they return to school,” Orero said.

He said it was prudent that the current trend of knowledge acquisition be always wholistic.


Orero, who was reacting to a story in one of the local dailies that suggested students should not be allowed to engage in co-curriculum activities when they finally return to school, said there was a very thin line dividing curriculum and co-curriculum activities.

He said Kenya was at an advanced stage of the implementation CBC which resonates effectively with the theory that co-curriculum is part and parcel of curriculum in Kenyan institutions.

"We must therefore put mechanisms to safe guard our immensely talented students in various disciplines. Our schools provide the base for talent development and enhancement and it is only logical that all the activities slotted in this year's academic calendar be done to completion.

Orero, who is also the principal of Dagoretti High School, noted that most of the activities among them sports and drama had reached the regional finals. He said it would only be fair they continue from where they stopped.

“It is important to note that most of these athletes and sportsmen are identified at national level and eventually represent our country at various international meets. It would be foolhardy for these students not to participate at a higher levels because this would wipe a whole generation of our talented athletes,” he said.