Ball on Fifa’s court to hand Kenyan football fresh start

Sunday March 22 2020

The Football Kenya Federation has been given another slap on the arm.

The chairman of the Sports Dispute Tribunal John Ohaga gave a ruling on Tuesday nullifying the federation elections and advising for a normalisation committee.

The ruling was very elaborate and lengthy.

This is the second time in three months that the SDT has made a ruling on the federation that may help us a lot in getting our football elections right.

The pretence to elections has taken too long in this country and the incumbents are usually expected to win since they are always at the pole position and stack all the odds on the opponents.

Football Kenya Federation had sneaked away and held elections on Saturday despite the government directive barring public gathering!


Of course this was done in a well calculated move to make sure only those supporting the incumbents would attend and vote. They were using the covid-19 to their eerie advantage and this was not lost to the SDT.

Fifa had directed that elections be held by the end of this month and Team Nick Mwendwa were right on course to wiggle themselves easily into office. They did not win.

Their term has expired and going by the way they are shouting with reedy voices they are not supposed to be in office.

The SDT has ordered that a normalisation Committee be formed to run football in the country. Mwendwa’s term expired on February 10 and as such, he should not and cannot make any binding decisions unless in consultation with the yet to be formed committee.

He should cease crowing that he is still in charge.

The ball is now in Fifa’s court and the longer they drag their feet in Zurich, the more rotten things will get in Kenya. It is now time for Fifa to act and once and for all tame these ghosts haunting football in this country.

Run out of option

What really bothers us is the fact that we seem to have run out of options and like Buridan’s ass whose fate is to run from blows from the right only to meet with even harder blows from the left.
The front runners for the FKF seats have all been there before and wringed our hearts with cruel hands.

We remove Team Nick Mwendwa from Kandanda House and we shall only let in more trouble!

At this time, football clubs in Kenya are broke and on the brink of death; Fifa with its empty threats want to ban FKF for not paying former coaches of the national team; elections for FKF cannot take place and that too courts a ban; some outside broadcasting van was bought and is nowhere to be seen; we are yet to account for the monies given for the 2019 Africa Cup of nations…the problems are an alp!

We cannot afford these people in office and they ought to be thoroughly screened before being allowed even to vie for those seats.

We need fresh people!

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