Time ripe for KPA to build own stadium for Bandari

Sunday March 22 2020

Bandari now have every reason to build a modern stadium of their own in Mombasa if the current covid-19 that has seen many private facilities closed is anything to go by.

KPA Mbaraki Sports Club, the adopted playground of Bandari, was among the very first private clubs to be shut down immediately the government banned public gathering amid fears of the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The closure was because it is a private members club and did not take into account any possibility that the Coast Premier League club could have had any pending fixtures to deal with before the federation suspended the league.

It was not therefore surprising that the FKF Betway Cup round of 16 match between hosts Bandari and Sofapaka could not take off due to unavailability of the playground.

Bandari did good to write to the tournament organisers, FKF, telling them that they were not in a position to honour the fixture due to the government ban on public gathering. But again, that is the best Bandari could have done.

Whatever the circumstances, it was going to take ages to convince the KPA Mbaraki Sports Club management committee to allow use of their facility at the expense of the good health and welfare of its members.


Fact is KPA rakes in millions of shilling on a daily basis with several cargo and cruise ships docking at the Mombasa port on a daily basis.

This make me believe that setting aside a minimum Sh50 million for a modern football stadium for use by, not only KPA teams, but also the Coast community at large especially that the Mombasa Municipal Stadium long turned into a white elephant, will be a great idea.

I know that KPA has been building schools and other social amenities in their ambitious Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) programme that has helped transform lives of several budding youths.

Going a step further to construct a modern stadium for Bandari will be an icing of the cake on community work and will definitely change the face of football in the region.

What am sure about is that a part from helping Bandari and the talented coast youth discover and exploit their talent, KPA will also use the facility for income generating through hire for private functions and even county government events.

As we speak, Bandari has a partnership with Serani Secondary School, who make up more than half of the Bandari youth team, but these youth, though allowed to use KPA Mbaraki Sports ground for training and league matches, have several areas restricted to them, which make their lives very difficult.

My humbler request to the KPA managing director, who has given hope to the sportsmen and women at the giant parastatal since taking over three years ago, is to leave a legacy by ensuring Bandari have their own stadium.

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