Adapting new constitution will take Gor to next level

Sunday May 12 2019

I have gone through the proposed Gor Mahia constitution and I do believe that is the best way to go.

I may have some reservations about some areas but as it is, no constitution is perfect.

I have always said here that if there is one legacy Senior Counsel Ambrose Rachier will leave at Gor Mahia is a vibrant constitution that will turn around the club and make it income generating.

Granted, Gor Mahia have had their success with the old constitution but it is time we move from operating under the societies act and turned the club into a limited company where individuals can buy shares.

Previously, there has been fear that turning the club into a limited company will be tantamount to selling the club to outsiders, but when you look at clubs like Manchester United for instance, its success is as a result of the investments put in by shareholders, some of whom are not Englishmen yet that has not taken away the identity of the club as an English club.

Should the club be turned into a limited company, members will own 51 per cent of the shares and the rest be floated to the public. This way, individual investors, corporate companies and other institutions can be part of the shareholders.


Gor Mahia has for long yearned for a professional secretariat, the new constitution addresses this and at the same time reduces the number of elective posts.

While the proposal is to have only the positions of chairman, vice-chairman, secretary general and treasurer electable, I would prefer having only the chairman and his running mate being elected while the other positions appointed.

Instead of having a secretary general, the club should advertise for a position of a Chief Executive while a financial director takes the role of the treasurer.

My thinking is that besides having the board running the day to day affairs of the club alongside the secretariat, we need to have a group of trustees who will act as advisers to the board and also source for partnerships, locally and abroad.

Beyond the office, the post of the team manager should be scrapped and a position of general manager created.

The general manager will perform the roles that have been previously handled by the organising secretary. He or she will be in charge of membership registers and will work hand in hand with the Chief Executive Office.

While the club branches have been the bedrock of the club previously by coming in handy when required, we need to introduce individual membership but at the same time have the branches running autonomously.

However, the branches must also desist from collecting money in the name of the club and not using it for the club’s gain.

As I have said, if there is one legacy Rachier will leave at Gor Mahia when he finally exits the chairmanship, will be this constitution. I support you Mr Chairman.