Clueless officials are watching as KPL deteriorates further

Wednesday March 18 2020

A Mombasa-based miraa dealer whose name I do not care to mention was just a few months ago admitted at the coast Provincial General Hospital with malaria raging through his veins.

The medics fitted him with drips and he spent the night in the ward in a very weak state. Towards the morning, this great fellow whipped out his ‘kabambe’ phone tightened in the mid rib with rubber bands and called the miraa transporters.

They assured him that his cargo had arrived at the market. The hero immediately ripped out the drip pipes from his arm, drank the remaining quinine solution to the shock of the intern nurse who was watching him with incomprehension. He shouted: doctor - apparently any medic to him is a doctor - the drip was too slow so I drank it. It is still in my body…miraa has already arrived!

He then proceeded to take off the hospital clothes and showing an impossible yellow underwear that sent the intern scampering away in fright. The star then got out of the hospital in a flash and headed to his duties!


Those are the kind of Kenyans we never get to run our public affairs! Such dedication to duty is lacking and that is the reason why it has not occurred to our leaders that sports too can create a vast pool of employment for our youth. Right now, the Kenyan Premier League is running like some scary dream. The clubs have players who cannot remember the last time they were ever paid; coaches who are perennially broke…it is a miracle that the league has actually survived this season!

Indeed those running football in this country have reached the end of their thinking capacities it is menopause. Recently, the coach of AFC Leopards Andre Casa Mbungo had to resign citing the financial strain that he has gone through at the club.

Trying to be polite, he sadly quipped: “I had highlighted my plight with the management for quite some time but they seem not to be keen to pay me. I have been patient enough but it’s time to quit the club.”

Well, several players have also quit for greener pastures and we suspect those that remain in the KPL are the ones that have not been lucky enough to get a place to run to!

The situation is the same in all the other KPL clubs. We have whined for the whole year about this prevailing situation but it seems we do not have people brave enough to rip off the quinine drip from their veins and rush to their duty.

We must arrest this situation before we put up a foolish face internationally. It is now the duty of all the government and even the county governments to make sure they help their local teams.

There is no need of governors going to jail accused of pecuniary issues while they could have finances sports with the same cash! If we let things slide, we shall not have a league in this country come next year…and that will be hell.