Crying shame that is K’Ogalo’s mediocre management approach

Monday April 15 2019

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier addresses journalists flanked by Deputy Secretary General Ronald Ngala (left) on September 24, 2018. PHOTO | CHRIS OMOLLO |

Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier addresses journalists flanked by deputy secretary general Ronald Ngala (left) on September 24, 2018. PHOTO | CHRIS OMOLLO |  NATION MEDIA GROUP

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Many Kenyans were Sunday irked by the photos on social media showing Gor Mahia players sleeping on floors and under lounges at Doha Hamad Airport, Qatar.

They need not waste their anger because that is the Kenyan way of doing things.

Mediocrity in organisation is what we love most and those in charge of the whole arrangement are very happy. They ought to be rewarded!

In fact, it may surprise many, but those fellows must have slaughtered some fattened ram and danced wildly in some dark rooms filled with some eerie smoke from witchcraft paraphernalia.

Those people are real witches, let the truth be told and we are sure that if we gently patted their hairy heads we shall feel some small devilish horns concealed within.

How else can one explain the unhappy and shameful situation we put those lads to? Was it a deliberate sabotage? Have they gone too far in the competition and must thus be got rid of in a subtle manner?

On Thursday last, the government through some sadist informed the team that their travel bookings had already been reserved with Qatar Airlines.

The Airlines denied such a thing had been done. The team had to resume training since they could not travel.

When the anomalies were straightened out, they had to travel in batches and take the longest route possible to Morocco to make the trip cheap.

This is the reason why with only 22 hours to the kick-off of their Confederation Cup quarter-final return leg match against RS Berkane, the boys were still thousands of miles away curled on airport floors dog tired.

The result of this is that they will have no time to acclimatise in Morocco before they meet their opponents who are far more comfortable and prepared to take advantage of the clumsiness of our officials. Jet lag too will make Gor very vulnerable.

Last week, they had not been paid their allowances and threatened to abscond the match.

The team management of course admitted to not having paid the players and at the same time went ahead to threaten them.

The result was a beating at home and the Moroccans took a two goal advantage in the first leg.

We suspect the allowances are yet to be paid and maybe shall never be paid at all.

That is Kenya for you. And the same people at the helm of the club still sleep calmly and eat with a clean conscience.

As we pen these words the match has not been played yet but a bad result is expected.

When Gor Mahia is bundled out of contention we are sure both the management and the ministry of sports shall be overjoyed.

The team has been bothering them by progressing and thus forcing them to spend money.

That is the only logical explanation we can get from this terrible episode.

This is not the last and we will soon see how these people will deal with the national team that has had the temerity of qualifying for Afcon 2019.

It is a real shame and in sane countries, some people should have resigned or get sacked but not here. Mediocrity is rewarded!