Death of KPL seemingly inevitable

Sunday November 24 2019

A connoisseur of dingy bars and drinking joints has finally written a small tract after a long alcoholic research.

The contents of his book are quite amazing but what catches the eye and provokes thought is the chapter on the content of vomit that drunken customers spew on the already dirty floors.

The writer confidently asserts that no matter what the poor drunkard has eaten, his or her vomit has to have cubby slices of carrots. This he assures us happens even when the retching reveller has not eaten carrots for the past 10 years.

Well, we cannot argue with research unless we posit a different informed view. We just leave it at that. It is such fresh view that we require seeing whither this season’s Kenya Premier league is going. We are at a loss for words.

In the recent past we have been afraid and railed at all and sundry including the ministry of sports.

We have tried as much as we can to shout but all we have got back is deafening silence. On Friday last, the chicken finally came home to roost. Sony Sugar Football Club was chucked out of the Premier League for failure to honour their matches.


The letter from the KPL read: “Following the review of the referee and match Commissioner’s report of the KPL 2019/2020 match number 090 between Zoo FC and Sony Sugar which was scheduled to be played on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, it was noted the away club, Sony Sugar, failed to honour the tie.”

It continued thusly: ‘“Being the third time this season that Sony Sugar FC have failed to honour three matches, Sony Sugar FC have been expelled from the Kenya Premier League and all its results nullified. The remaining league fixtures involving the club have also been cancelled.”

So now we have a 17-team league. Sony Sugar FC of course did not miss these matches out of spite. Blame it on lack if funds to travel for the matches.

The same fate awaits many other teams and if nothing changes at this juncture. We have heard some sweet smelling rumours that the Kenya Premier League Limited may soon get a sponsor. If that happens, then we may hide our shame and incompetence from the world.

It is easy to say that a team has been expelled from the League because of lack of funds but we must try and think deeply.

It is indeed a shame and this kind of news really casts our whole country in a very sombre light.

If those running football were capable of ignominy; if their faces weren’t as thick skinned as they are and they could feel heat on their visages, they should just hide themselves away from view.

Just go away and disappear. But alas, that will not happen in this century. Something must be done as fast as possible to avoid further dishonour.