Mighty Gor will crush all before them this term

Wednesday March 18 2020

Over a week ago, I took a trip down to Nakuru where we met a funny team by the name AFC Leopards or ‘Ingwe’.

By the time the man in black blew his last whistle, Gor Mahia left Afraha Stadium heads high after 1-0 victory.

Then on Saturday, we found our way to Machakos where Gor Mahia again beat a hapless team going by the name of Nakumatt 4-0. We sat down and cried. Not crying about the win but about the fans we have lost since the league went into recess.

We are talking about people like Odipo Dypsy. A man I will forever miss in my life. If there was one man who loved Gor Mahia, it was Dypsy. There was Jakababa too. The young man who lost his life because of the recklessness I always talk about in this column - hanging dangerously onto buses and matatus just because you want to go watch a match

Then there was Okumu Osoti or ‘Baba Rooney’, the man I met through my former nemesis on these columns called Peter Leftie. We used to hang out with Leftie and Osoti talking till very late in the night.

Now Okumu and I met many many years ago when I just joined the support base of Gor Mahia. We had the late Apingo Nyawawa as our chief headman. Then there was this mzee known as Dick who I believe was the father of Pamzo Omollo.

Then there was Dodd Kenyatta. A very humble man till he realises that any of the K’Ogalo members is in trouble. Dodd would rush to the rescue.

In Machakos, on Saturday, the biggest team in the world Gor Mahia was in a class of its own in the second half, with the striking duo of Kevin Omondi and Meddie Kagere tearing the Shopper’s defence apart after a relatively frustrating and dull first half.

This is what Meddie had to say after the final score. “We took our chances in the second half after missing over six clear-cut opportunities in the first half. But I am generally happy with the final score,” he said. “Those who didn’t play today (Saturday) will play against Al Hilal on Tuesday.”

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new season. One thing I am sure of is that no team will threaten Gor Mahia.

As I always say, on a good day Gor Mahia can beat a combined team of Barcelona, Manchester United and all those funny teams Kenyans spend their time supporting. See you folks next week!