Not all doom and gloom as new season gets underway

Sunday September 08 2019

Monica Binti Ngere is dead. Long live Monica Binti Ngere!

Now, there are many readers that have never heard about this brave woman and her struggle with breast cancer.

We here on the sports desk do not remember her just for that, she was outspoken on matters football and even though I never met her personally, she was an ardent fan of AFC Leopards and a lover of Kenyan football in general.

Those players unhappy with their contracts with their clubs who she helped with legal advice, must never forget her.

Even the football officials, who are the cog in the wheel, must bow down in shame at this moment- even though shame is a foreign feeling to them and needs a lot of definition before they comprehend it.

For the first time the season has started in a sane fashion. We are on the international Fifa calendar. As international games are being played, we too are tackling Uganda in a friendly match in Nairobi. This is what we have barked about in this column for god knows how long!


The sacrifices that the players had to undergo; the fatigue that assailed them after playing two or three games in a week, the confusion and apprehension and lack of enough playing surfaces was enormous.

In the end the “impossible” happened and we were able to switch to the international groove. We must applaud this great fact even if there isn’t much to give a standing ovation to in our quagmire.

The transfer window too was observed and closed in a rational manner.

The amounts of money that changed hands for the players is not still a steep issue but a long journey begins with a single step.

If we go on in this way we shall earn some respect as a league and the end result is that we shall improve Kenyan football in the end.

The league sponsors were in turmoil with the taxman and we were crowing like geese with hoarse clucks over this issue. It was not because we were saving them from paying taxes. They must pay their taxes just as we all do.

We do not know how it was pulled off or how they reached a settlement with the revenue authorities; all we know is that sports may yet get a smoothening.

Now that they are back on line, we wish that they take up the same responsibilities that they shunned during their travails. If they shirk away from sports then we will know their real motives and with our little muscles we shall try to do anything against them.

We have scratched their backs many times now; it is their turn to scratch ours big time!

There are talented lads out there that only require a little sponsorship to bloom into the international scene and that responsibility rests on patronage. The purse must be augmented.

Welcome to the new season dear Kenyans. Let’s support our local football first before we go wow about the foreign ones.

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