Kenyan football needs an urgent saviour to fix the financial mess

Sunday October 06 2019

For weeks we have been crossing our fingers that some sponsors pop out and salvage the financial situation of the Kenyan football. It has been an unanswered prayer and as we stand at the moment, we are rightfully ashamed.

A few years ago, the plight of Shabana failing to honour their matches was really a shock.

The once loved team was down on its knees financially and just could not afford to travel just some thirty kilometres from Kisii to honour their KPL fixture against Sony Sugar at Awendo Green stadium.

In the end they were progressively fined for walkovers and at last the team was relegated to a lower tier.

Last Saturday, the boots were pinching another team — Sony Sugar FC. They just didn’t have a kopek to be able to host their match against AFC Leopards. Ingwe travelled to Awendo just to be given a walkover.

Sony set a new sadness record in Kenyan football; they were unable to honour a home fixture! That is the shame that makes our faces hot at the moment. It makes us fear for this season.


Back in August, the millers had unveiled a new sponsor for the club.

The sponsor, Quantdragon Limited, had presented themselves as a Hong Kong-based IT company, and were to sponsor the club to the tune of approximately Sh34 million for the 2019/20 season.

That dragon just disappeared into thin air and left the club like a fish flopping on the deck with no ability to breathe!

“We had an agreement with the sponsors that they would be depositing $28,400 to the club account every month for the full season but we have never received even a coin from them.
Our calls and emails have gone unanswered and we are now in the deep end financially.

We have had to incur debts to honour the four matches of the season and cannot do that anymore. Chairman Gabriel Otiende said. And he then depressed us more by quipping: “We have not paid players and the technical bench since August and this is becoming too much now. What we are going through is just a reflection of the true state of Kenyan football currently – clubs are struggling and I know for a fact more will forfeit matches soon.

It was a chilling message indeed for our football. It is from this that we have to ask the government to just get rid of that useless ministry of sports.

Chase away the cabinet secretary from the cabinet meetings and let us all just forget about the whole thing other countries call sports!

Even the so called Football Kenya Federation should just disband and go for a long vacation; if one still calls himself president of FKF then he should know that he is president of rot… of nothing.

Many more teams are in the same soup and as such it shall be a season of walkovers. Something MUST be done and fast enough.
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