Only generous donations will help save our dear Leopards

Wednesday March 18 2020

As the day for our fundraiser draws nears, I call upon AFC Leopards’ ardent fans to forgive each other and come together in support of the club - the way the rescue team worked hard to save it from relegation to finish 11th last season.

All fans, whether you are recognised as a member or not, please come out and save our struggling Ingwe. We are targeting to raise at least Sh15 million to meet our goals.

May we forget all the cases filed in court, before the Sports Tribunal or those filed before the Registrar of Sports! Let’s use our social network to out to reach each other to raise awareness for our fundraising efforts.

Even those who were blocked from participating in the elections, including Maurice Amahwa, Alex Ole Magelo, Allan Kasavuli, Omboko Milemba and Noah Wanyama let’s meet at Crown Plaza Hotel in Nairobi on October 31 to bail Ingwe out of this financial crisis.

Let’s have the heart of forgiveness and withdraw all the cases and support Dan Shikanda and his team, or else history will repeat itself should the chairman quit.

This will show a poor precedent that may lead to the demise of our beloved club that has not paid players’ salaries for more than two months.

If we could borrow from the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), by having a heart of forgiveness, the better. It’s time we pull resources together from Busia, Bungoma, Vihiga, Kakamega, Trans Nzoia and beyond.

I also urge Senate Speaker Ken Lusaka not to tire of assisting the boys. Lusaka has been playing the role of a mediator between warring groups until Shikanda assumed his position as the chairman.

Elder Vincent Shimoli has also been instrumental in helping cool tempers. He should do the same to ensure that all the groups come out and contribute, starting with him.

Let the groups also plan for further fundraisers to meet the current and future needs of the club.

It’s time we saw our legends in the forefront supporting the current regime. They should come forward to be seen during the harambee to justify their support. This was visible during the funeral of the legendary Joe Kadenge funeral. Fellow football legends were united.

We will be watching keenly to see how much they are going to contribute to save the club they played for.

I also hope even true Luhya leaders from Western Kenya region will be seen during the harambee scheduled to start at 6pm.

Well done our boys! The results are impressive. Together we can raise significant amounts of money. Please disclose those who give generously and also keep the fans updated on how the donations will be used.

The committee should think of inviting top fundraisers to inject in some new ideas, as we expect them to call to say thanks when 50 percent or 100 percent of the goal is reached.