Put has had his say and will succeed if he also has his way

Monday February 12 2018

Harambee Stars coach Paul Put fields questions from journalists during a press conference on February 7, 2018 in Nairobi. PHOTO | CHRIS OMOLLO |

Harambee Stars coach Paul Put fields questions from journalists during a press conference on February 7, 2018 in Nairobi. PHOTO | CHRIS OMOLLO |  NATION MEDIA GROUP

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Harambee Stars always come into focus since they are the team all of us must support and we have no other alternative unless we are all deported.

I know very patriotic Kenyans who cannot bear to watch Harambee Stars matches since it fills them with unnecessary indignation and irrational fear.

They would rather tune in to something else and get results later for fear of heart attack.

They have no faith at all in the team but when the Stars win a match they really get happy.

That feeling is understandable because of the way the team is managed. Any little good that comes from that team must be applauded with all the hot claps we can manage.

Indeed, the news that the new manger Belgian Paul Put is lining up some friendlies for the team in preparation for the Afcon qualifiers is very welcome and sweet smelling to us.

The Fifa calendar allows for that but the issue has always been sluggishness from the gods of football in the country.

The two friendlies are hinted to take place in March this year and the tactician was quoted saying: “We want to play two matches in March during the Fifa dates so we have a confirmation to play Cameroon and I am looking for confirmation for a second game which could be Burkina Faso, Mali or Nigeria so we have options.” 

That is very nice and we must say it if it happens there could be some improvement from those quarters.

Our fear is that the good ideas are coming from the manager while those that ought to make it a reality are as silent as can be. Like the patriots that cringe when the Stars are plying, we must assure Kenyans that we are not sure of anything that good taking place.

Paul Put seems to be dedicated to bettering the team but stumbling blocks lie on his way. From the time he was appointed manager of Harambee Stars, his role was never properly defined.

He did not come with his technical bench and back up coaching staff. He just took over and the coach that was there became his assistant in a fashion that is only made in Kenya.

Well, the Belgian won us the Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup and the celebrations were short lived as is usually is with us. He has already shown his capabilities and is working for higher things.

He seems to be uncomfortable with the constitution of his technical bench and support staff and last week it came out quite clearly when he issued some statements about the need for him to get the support staff that he wants.

The Belgian is a good man and he couldn’t disparage those that are working with him now. He cannot admit the duress but his message, though vague, is enough indication of his desire.

In decent places, the people that surround him should have tendered their resignation to pave way for change in personnel but that can never happen in Kenya.

Football Kenya must now ensure the coach can get what he requires now.