So far, so good within the scattered Leopard lairs

Wednesday May 13 2020

As uncertainty still surrounds the future of our local football season because of the coronavirus pandemic, I commend our players for adapting special training programmes to remain physically and mentally fit.

AFC Leopards players are busy training individually and we trust that they are practicing according to our technical staff’s schedule as we wait for the league to resume.

The Kenyan Premier League (KPL) season was put on hold last month following a government directive owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

I really sympathise with our technical bench because currently things are not working according to their plans as they wait to resume full training.

It has been very difficult too for our players to train especially those who stay in small houses.

Our physical trainer, Vincent Mbwabi assured me that Ingwe players have special programmes for their individual workouts.

The players have been advised to adhere to self-discipline during this difficult times.

Of course, there is little the head coach can do, apart from advise the players through a special WhatsApp group formed for communication purposes.

Players are doing runs within their locality but are not allowed to train anywhere where there are people to adhere to the social distancing rule.

I believe the boys can only remain strong during this period while they are training individually if they maintain self discipline and follow the instructions given to them by our trainer to the letter.

Mbwabi told me the boys are doing well with maintaining their shape to the same level they were before the season was put on hold.

Besides Mbwabi’s assurance, I request our players to take precautions and keep on training with the right intensity as they keep their sights on the league and the Betway Cup titles.

We are in the quarter-finals of the Cup competition with no serious opponent, meaning the title is as good as ours.

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the normal KPL calendar and concerned parties are scheduled to meet this week to discuss a way forward after the 30 days period elapses.

According to Dr Patrick Ngusale, who heads Leopards our medical team, there are no injuries within the squad.

It is reassuring that Ngusale talks to the players all the time and is available at a moment’s notice to guide and educate them accordingly. So far, so good at the Leopards den. Let us keep it that way.

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