This season’s league title belongs to Gor

Sunday February 16 2020

In all the pastoralist communities, each homestead normally has the lead bull that serves as the commander of the rest of the herd.

Among the Kalenjin, such a bull is called “Kirgit” and it knows the master’s ways so much so that it can lead the herd to the pastures, and knows even when to lead them back to the safety of the kraal.

The master in turn treats Kirgit with the honour it deserves. It is the prize bull loved and venerated with almost a kith and kin affection. So today I must declare that Gor Mahia is the ‘Kirgit’ of Kenyan football and all the others are the rest of the herd waiting to be led.

Thus it was with mirth without end that I read a recent piece by that Mombasa-based writer Philip Onyango, who has the unenviable task of beating the war drums on behalf of that run-of-the-mill team called Bandari.

By Onyango’s estimation, Gor Mahia is a spent force and it is just a matter of time before the record- breaking champions are sent out to pasture.

It is in the same breath that I read that the sorry-looking beer makers Tusker, are also thinking of taking this year’s diadem away from the firm grasp of K’Ogalo.


My verdict? Your dreams are not valid. Just because our boys floundered against Sofapaka, soaking in three goals does not mean we are a written off outfit.

Kuteleza siyo kuanguka — a slip is not a fall, so the Swahili people say and I am here to remind our detractors that just as the mighty River Nile meanders its way from Jinja in Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea, Gor’s path to this year’s championship is a given.

It is our opponent’s basic human right to dream. However, not all dreams end up being fulfilled. Just like all young maidens dream of a colourful wedding followed by the happily ever after wish, some end up in hell of a marriage. That’s the nightmare that awaits all those wishing us ill omen in the day to come.

Amidst the tempest of losing a few matches and the ever present reality of lack of funds to sustain a rampant campaign, I still believe in our coach Steve Polack and the boys to bring the trophy home.

So for those waiting to be crowned champions, my advise is simple, just go jump into the sea and if one is not enough you might as well jump into two.

In the same breath, I want to congratulate our former player Teddy Akumu for the brilliant decision to join South African giants Kaiser Chiefs.

Reports from down south has the ‘Amakhosi’ technical bench and fans all enthusing over the new signing. Once a Gor Mahia fan, always a Gor Mahia fan and we at K’Ogalo wish the lad all the best.

Need I say more?

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