Thumbs up KPA for supporting Bandari players in this tough time

Wednesday May 13 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused instability in the employment sector with employers faced with a difficult balancing act of keeping business afloat while ensuring workers’ safety and well-being.

Many businesses are facing huge financial challenges. Some have taken drastic measures that include termination of employment and declaring redundancies for workers to keep their businesses running.

Tight as the situation may be, these measures should be the last resort so as to lower the hopelessness among Kenyans as the pandemic threatens to spiral out of hand.

In this vein, Kenya Ports Authority (KPA), which is Bandari Football Club’s main sponsor, deserves praise. KPA is out to ensure the players are well catered for in this tough times.

By Sunday, all the players had been paid their salaries in full. It is a breath of fresh air at a time when sportsmen and sportswomen are undergoing a lot of misery worldwide because of the virus.

Sporting activities in the majority of nations, Kenya included, have virtually grounded to a standstill.

KPA stands out as a good employer by being mindful of the welfare and comfort of its employees. My prayer is that the same goodwill be extended to KPA men’s and women’s basketball teams in the national league.

While the footballers continue training using online sessions, basketball and volleyball players are struggling to put food on the table. Many of them do not have jobs..

Sports builds brand awareness, while a brand can leverage marketing benefits from a sports team, athlete, or an event. Brands can drive marketing.

Brand or corporate images also attempt to create a personality and style for a product which distinguishes it from another in the market and allows, for example, premium pricing.

Top of the list for most sponsor’s requirements is media coverage, as sporting events create opportunities for exciting newspaper, photographs and television images showing sponsors’ logos on shirts or banners.

Such exposure creates brand familiarity for consumers, therefore, KPA should not think that they are wasting funds as has been the case at times when they undertake to support sporting activities.

The authority should be lauded for its corporate social responsibility towards the coastal folks by consistently ensuring that Bandari FC is properly taken care.

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