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Why Stars skipper Wanyama should consider leaving Spurs

Sunday February 10 2019

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Victor Wanyama (left) pulls away from Crystal Palace Connor Wickham during their English FA Cup fourth round match at Selhurst Park, London on January 27, 2019. PHOTO | BEN STANSALL |

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Victor Wanyama (left) pulls away from Crystal Palace Connor Wickham during their English FA Cup fourth round match at Selhurst Park, London on January 27, 2019. PHOTO | BEN STANSALL |  AFP

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Kenya's midfield gem Victor Wanyama should exploit the possibility of leaving English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur to revive his career and play more regularly than he is at the moment.

He has been doing well over the years and Spurs gave him the chance to take his career to another level but his adventure with the White Hart Lane faithful should be cut short for the good of both parties.

When he joined after a fabulous outing with Southampton, he fared well and was among the best holding midfielders in the country. That, however, faded after he went off on a lengthy injury and rehabilitation process.

His absence allowed Belgian Mousa Dembele to establish himself in the middle of the park.

Although Dembele has now departed to China, it all seems bleak for Wanyama as he faces a real struggle to get more playing time in Spurs' crowded midfield.

His playing time is worryingly limited and rightly so given his standards and ability. It is perhaps time to take any chance that offers an escape route out of the shadows of a resurgent Harry Winks and the evergreen Eric Dier in Spurs' defensive Midfield.

We love Wanyama and would like to see him in a big club such as Tottenham but there is no use in him being there and always occupying the bench.

He needs regular playing time and needs to make the move if Spurs tactician Mauricio Pochettino has no place for him in his match day squads.

It is also disputable that Wanyama is not well taken care of by Spurs. He spent a long time out injured and when he made the long-awaited return, he was not aided to full fitness in the right manner.

On his return, Spurs should have started by giving him fewer minutes and then increase it with time until he is able to play a full game. The exact opposite was done.

When Wanyama returned from injury, he spent a lot of time on the bench as the focus was on Dier, Winks and Dembele in the Defensive Midfield.

It hampered his morale and when he was given the opportunity to play from the go, he was ultimately injured and had to embark on another unfortunate long stay on the sidelines.

He needs a place where he will be loved, adored and shown the right affection to boost the desire to play on a weekly basis.

Besides that, Wanyama also needs to win some major trophies especially given his ability and age. Spurs have a squad with unlimited talent but they are going to need some bit of brilliance, experience and perhaps lack to replicate the 2008 Carling Cup-winning side that also had Gareth Southgate within their ranks.

The wait for a match-winner continues ever since Southgate neetted in extra time to deny Avram Grant's Chelsea.

Wanyama should just move and win a couple of trophies before entering retirement. The near misses that Tottenham have had to endure over the years just seem unrelenting.

Spurs' project is also very complicated. It is hard to classify them. In the quest to make tactical tweaks, Pochettino has perhaps largely contributed to a loss of identity for Spurs.

Playing in such a side, even with Wanyama's ability, is not very comfortable.

It is hard to tell whether they are an attacking side, a ball-playing side or a defensive side.

This has largely contributed to the inability for Wanyama to flourish in the middle of the back as well as he has done in previous years. The different formations employed by Pochetino are actually hurting his abilities.

Wanyama has the ability to get into any team in the world.

I was surprised with his turning down of Liverpool when the Messeyside club made a formal approach for him. He also turned down the chance to be wearing the red of Manchester during match days. It may haunt him later but he made a fair decision anyway in staying, at the time.

United and the Reds have an identity and play dynamically, Anfield and Old Trafford is where, perhaps, he would have realized his full potential.

Pochettino has also been reluctant in motivating Kenya's best. As he focused on upgrading Winks into his system, he subconsciously pushed Wanyama out. He should have motivated him more especially after his injury setbacks and aided his return to form.

Wanyama rose so fast and judging with his abilities when he joined Southampton from Celtic and then Tottenham, it seemed wise to say he would one day make it there.

Perhaps the story would have been different if he had joined Real Madrid or Barcelona.

He has every characteristics of a player to displace the likes of Casemiro and Toni Kroos or Sergio Busquets in a team.